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Q: What songs are playing on your page?

A: -“Die In Your Arms” by Justin Bieber
    -“Slow Dancing In a Burning Room” by John Mayer
    -“A Beautiful Mess” by Jason Mraz
    -“Sexy and I Know It” cover by Noah
    -“First Day of My Life” cover by Daniela Andrade
    -“Summer Love” by Justin Timberlake
    -“The Man That Can’t Be Moved” by The Script
    -“See No More” by Joe Jonas
    -“Super Human” by Chris Brown ft. Keri Hilson
    -oh..uh…my rendition of “One Thing”
    -“What Makes You Beautiful” acoustic version @Q102
    -Niall confirming the USA tour
    -“Help” by The Beatles
    -“Serious Song” by One Direction
    -“We Are Young” by Fun.
    -“Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop” by Landon Pigg
    -“Almost Lover” by A Fine Frenzy
    -“All About Us” by He Is We
    -“In Your Arms” by Kina Grannis
    -Harry’s drunken slurred talking
    -Part of an audio post so I didn’t see the title!
    -Niall failing at copying Zayn’s riff
    -“Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jespen
    -“Vas Happenin’ Boys” by Savan Kotecha and 1D
    -“Chasing Cars” cover by One Direction
    -“Valentine” by Kina Grannis
    -“I Should’ve Kissed You” by One Direction
    - “Something About The Way You Look Tonight” xf Perf.
    - Liam saying, ‘Vas happenin’ potatoes”
    - A remix of all the different ‘hello’s’ Harry has said.
    - “Use Somebody” cover by One Direction
    - “Torn” cover by One Direction at the judge’s house
    -“Should’ve Kissed You” preview by One Direction
    - “Stole My Heart” by One Direction
    - Harry singing, “Lying naked on the floor..”
    - “I Want” by One Direction

Q: I have to scroll through aaalll your pictures to see your preferences. Why can’t you just list them all together?

A: If you look right at my description, there’s a banner that says, “1D Preferences”. That should take you to all the preferences in order. There is also a “1D Preference” link under my ask button. If you can’t see those, it never hurts to just add “/tagged/preference” to my URL! So if all else fails.

Q: You never did my request!

A: I get many, many requests each day, and I pick which idea/scenario stands out to me the most; because then it’s easier to answer. Or it might have been a little too vague or similar to another preference. When yours gets published, you will get a confirmation reply, so please be patient!

Q: Where do you get your responses from? DO YOU STEAL THEM FROM OTHER PEOPLE?!?!

A: Absolutely not. That, is the worst possible accusation I could ever receive. Plagiarism, to me, is the most forbidden action any fan could do; that includes fanfictions, photos, videos, posts, imagines, preferences etc. that are not yours. Which is another reason why I ALWAYS watermark my preferences and photos. All responses are brainstormed by me. If I took reference from another post, I would make sure to let their owner know before using it in my use. Also, please be aware that there are just 5 boys, and great minds think alike. There is not just one fan, but there are many, many, fans that have spectacular ideas.

Q: What is a preference?

A: I basically get a situation or scenario that can apply to the boys. Each boy has a certain “preferred” response they would most likely say, and I post them. You guys like them so much cause they seem pretty realistic at times. Which is why they’re called, ‘preferences’.

Q: You never answered my question.

A: It was either irrelevant, in my FAQ, or anon. OR I’m on my phone. OR I haven’t seen it, cause I have at least 6000 messages in my inbox at the moment. If you compliment me on my page, I absolutely appreciate it, but because answering questions count as posts, I can’t reply to all of you grrr which is why you should find me on my twitter where I talk to a lot of lovely people. I also don’t want to fill up my babies’ dashboards with all the questions, but I really really really do appreciate all the kindness my anons give me. You guys are way too sweet :]

Q: Are the preferences real?

A: No. What makes the preferences so special is that each of the boys have a ‘preferred’ opinion or action. I try to slip myself into their shoes to come up with the most realistic answer; and most of the time, it works out fine and you guys are satisfied. People even request a scenario that I’ll write responses to.

Q: How do I send a 1D Preference?? Do I have to write all the responses?!

A: Just send it as an ask, but be sure to label something like “1D Preference: _____”. You need to send in only a scenario, not all the responses! That’s my job haha.I have a lot of requests at the moment, but it never hurts to shoot me an idea.

Q: How often do you post preferences? What time zone are you in? When should I check? Where are you located?

A: I follow the PST (California) zone, and you could see preferences posted around 7-11 PM. Queued posts may be earlier. The number of preferences depends on my mood, and how much school work I have; because sadly, school work comes first. Recently, I’ve been receiving lots of messages that are just expecting me to update. That’s making me a little frustrated. As I’ve mentioned, I have family, I have friends, I have schoolwork, I have extra curricular activities, and sports. I also live in a different time zone as mentioned. PLEASE understand I am trying my hardest to sneak in a little time all throughout the day for my page as a whole.

Q: Sometimes I see you on at random times..

A: That’s usually when I’m in the car on the way to school; I’ll sneak in some reblogs. OCCASIONALLY in class; if I have nothing to do. Before I sleep; in the dead hours of the night. This is when I cannot answer questions since I’m on my phone :/

Q: You post stuff other than 1D Preferences!

A: Well, it would be boring if I only made preferences. :P I like to reblog the boys as well. If you don’t like it, don’t follow :P

Q: I just saw another blog copying your idea.

A: It does disappoint me that my preference ideas are being used in a way to just gain followers. I started to make these to share my thoughts on what I think the boys’ reactions might be like. To see if you guys would agree. Just my luck, a lot of you guys agreed and asked for more. So I continued. I see my preferences as my own thoughts just scribbled in a notebook. I don’t use these to gain followers; nope. I’m also not saying I don’t appreciate my followers; as I love every single one of your cute selves! Which explains why my URL isn’t “1Dpreferences”. That just sounds like a commercial brand. As for the other blogs, I don’t make up any rules; so it doesn’t exactly matter whether or not my prefs were either influences for theirs. As long as I know that you guys love my preferences and page for what it is and for who I am; I’m totally fine.

Q: Do you think the length of time someone’s a fan determines a fan’s status? Whether it’s a week or a month or a year?

A: To me, absolutely not. That would be very hypocritical for all fans, wouldn’t it? Everyone has to start somewhere, right? One Direction is One Direction, and whoever appreciates their music and talent is a fan, yes? Time is an advantage, that’s for sure, but that does not ‘scale’ you whether or not you are ‘better than the others’. All fans are the same in the end, and as long as you love all the boys for who they are and their talents, we feel as if that’s all that matters.

Q: Are the 1D anons on your page real?

A: I am certain they are not. They’re just some very dedicated lovelies that stop by to leave me lovely, realistic messages; Many have mistaken it, believing I’m trying to be a poser. Well let me say right here right now, I’M NOT CLAIMING THEM TO BE REAL; NOR HAVE EVER CLAIMED IT IN THE PAST. It’s all fun and games! Don’t be so bitter about it :]

Q: Who is Tarry? Tiam? Niffy?

A: Me, Tiffany, and Harry. Me and Liam. Me and Niall. So if you see these terms flying around don’t be alarmed.

Q: Do you have a twitter?

A: Yes, right here.

Q: What is your name?

A: Tiffany.

Q: Do you follow/promote?

A: Considering the number of followers, it’s quite difficult to check out all your pages. Don’t be afraid to ask though; I love seeing new pages. I don’t promo!

Have a lovely day!

oh, and some tiam for you (drawn by penny).

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