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1D Parody Preference #2

Liam: It was a Summer night, and you two were cuddling together, looking up at the sky. Suddenly you see a shooting star! "Make a wish babe!" Liam whispers excitingly. You close your eyes and make your wish 'I wish for our relationship to stay strong' you thought in your head. "What'd you wish for?" you asked Liam. "I wished that we could have this moment forever!" When suddenly the 'Shooting star' turned out to be another meteor and he gets crushed by it. But you're fine, not a scratch on you, you lucky bastard.
Niall: You guys are at a French restaurant. Niall takes a bite out of the suspicious looking cheese, and turns into a zombie. He then proceeds to infest everyone around him, but you dont want to suck a zombie dick! So you tell him its over! He begins to cry and runs away.
Harry: It was sexy time! You two are teasing each other and getting ready to do the dirty! But when you take off your shirt, Harry's boner gets so big that it explodes! "Oh gross." you tell him, "I want kids, and your genitalia just exploded, so I think we should see other people". You walk away as he withers in pain.
Louis: You guys were at a karaoke bar! Not having a bad voice, you two go up on the stage in the room filled with about 25 people, and sing Lucky by Colbie Caillat! Everything was going well until Aliens broke through the roof and abducted Louis! It's okay though, because you had your eye on the cute waitor that was serving you!
Zayn: You two are at the beach on a nice sunny day! Not wanting to go in the water, Zayn has to pick you up over his shoulder and carry you to the shore. Right as he's about to throw you into the water, the wet sand he was standing on turns into quick sand and he is sucked in! But before he goes under, he lightly tosses you to dry sand. "Babe! Go get a life guard! Quickly Liam; i mean_____", but you're too busy staring at the surfer, and don't hear his cries for help. In fact, you completely forget about him! Who's Zayn again?

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