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hey guys.

i love writing preferences. You guys know I do. There will be some days where I have some great ideas, and some days I don’t. I try to update as much as I can, but when I come online to see messages about people who steal my preference responses verbatim; it makes me feel very discouraged. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing them for One Direction or another band; plagiarizing and stealing work from other people in general will get you no where in life. So, you know who you are, please do me a favor and leave me and my preferences alone. Be a little creative and make up some of your own responses. That’s what makes a preference special. You’re making me want to stop permanently.

Anyways, school just ended for me, and I’ve been packed for the past week. I came back from a banquet just a little bit ago, and yes, THE CONCERT IS TOMORROW LKSADFJ;SALFJ;J;LSDFJLKSADJF

I’ll be sure to post as many pictures as I can, and describe what my experience was like. If you want constant updates on my experience you can follow my twitter here

oh, and guys,

What are some creative questions you’ve always wanted to ask the guys?

I’ll try to ask them at soundcheck for you all.

much love to everyone.

Posted on June 16th at 11:47 PM
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  1. criacniall answered: please don’t stop making preferences! PLEASE! i love reading them
  2. getfullydressedbysmiling answered: if you could do something all together,that wasn’t singing,what would it be?
  3. lukes--lipring answered: Not really a question, but a suggestion. They should come to WI, so Nialler can meet his princess, my sister. :D
  4. mystic-elf answered: Seriously, you’re preferences are amazing! I’m so sorry people are stealing them! Keep writing because they’re amazing!!
  5. itscalled-wanderlust answered: ohmygod im so sorry but never stop writing the preferences!! if they could only eat one food for the rest of their lives, what would it be?
  6. coffee-addictxx answered: OMGOMGOMG plz don’t stop writing the preferences, I love them <3 I always just die waiting for ur preferences :)
  7. impudance answered: i dont have a question, but i had VIP tickets to the soundcheck and they answered my question, best moment of my life! have fun lovely xx
  8. jasdipxo answered: please write more! i’m obsessed and want to read more! don’t stop writing these! they brighten my day!(: xx ♥
  9. unprecedents answered: ask them to do an adele cover omg
  10. niallismy1d answered: can you make a preference on how he comforts you when you watch a scary movie or what does he do when you cry?
  11. sophie-duke answered: im really sorry about people stealing them :( but these are amazing, and i hope you dont stop writing them! i understand that you cant update
  12. whitneyp89 answered: what is their favorite ed sheeran song?
  13. katnip-everdeeen answered: You are amazing, and so are your preferences :) my question is: if you could time-travel, where (or when) would you go? :) xo
  14. lionchunks answered: dont stop writing… i love these so much!
  15. pheebzster911 answered: would you rather date someone who’s like the female version of yourself or the complete opposite? just an idea? haha
  16. unpopulor answered: ask them if they will marry Grace Pinder. shes from Canada. your my favourite blog i freakin love you.
  17. pussssaay-magnet-haz answered: If you were stranded on an island, whose one person you would bring & why? :) xx
  18. starsofdecember answered: you can only listen to one song for the rest of your life..what is it?:)
  19. 3milyj0hns0n answered: Hi, my Q for the guys is this: Would you have Twitter of you weren’t famous? If so, what would your bio say?
  20. imwearing answered: What American phrases do we say that they don’t? Not just words, but like phrases :)
  21. dianamontes22 reblogged this from harrrysmammaries
  22. dianamontes22 answered: If they were a transformer what car would they like to be and what would be their name?(:
  23. al--right answered: whats the weirdoes thing that ever happened to the boys on tour?
  24. harrydearest answered: What is Liam and Danielle’s song?
  25. oh-en-eee answered: I just have to say that I absolutely love your preferences! Can you ask them what they think of red hair? Have fun!
  26. parks-andrekt answered: JGBVERKLR HAVE FUN TIFFAAAY. If you could be any magical creature, what would you be? (Like a mermaid, or a grindylow, or a centaur)
  27. mylifeinapistachioshell answered: Tattoo meanings!!
  28. youcansitbesidemeifyouwantto answered: I LOVE your preferences! They’re so amazing. Could you ask them, if they spent a whole day with a fan, what would they do?
  29. iyelyahname answered: tacos or burritos
  30. extraordinaryharryupallniall answered: Niall, if there were 3 people in the world you would share your food with, who would they be?
  31. -whenitrains- answered: ask harry if he has wet himself on an airplane lately
  32. lindseystyles answered: ask harry if his airplane necklace has any special meaning! im dying to know
  33. lostonyaeyesaye answered: let us know what soundchecks like! im going next year haha :)

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