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louegh said: the niall project is where you get a message sent to your phone every 2-3 hours telling you to eat because niall would want you to, it's for anorexia, and were trying to get it trending on twitter!c:

aawwww that’s actually really cool. i hope it’ll work to whoever out there that might try it out. good luck i believe in you!

Anonymous said: wouldn't that be creepy... wait what am i doing with my life. bye tiffany

stilinstagram said: I rub my eyes with the tips of my fingers all the tiem anon. It is practically what I do for a living. I can do it in a boat I do it on a moat I do it here or there anon I fucking do it everywhere. Love u tiff x

omg you guys are great i love you too okay

Anonymous said: no need to be so sassy, anon. don't read her preferences if you're so picky jfc

ugh i love you

Anonymous said: Okay, "Liam exhaled as he them rubbed his eyes with the tips of his fingers." How can you rub you eyes with the tips of your fingers. What if he doesn't have a scheduled nail cleaning and he pops a blood vessel, now I don't think that would be too romantic eh Tif? Consider what you write before you write it.

then he goes to the hospital oh no why are you blaming the unsanitary habits of leelee on me

Anonymous said: hi ʘ‿ʘ

why does this scare me so much

Anonymous said: sometimes i just go on your tumblr to listen to music.. ILOVEYOU.

oh my gosh are you one of those people that stay for 54 minutes? i saw some page stay for like 2 hours and i was genuinely worried for their heath but thanks love you tooo

Anonymous said: Okay, well, when I snag some time later..I think I might just make you a doodle too :) You seem to love them so much!

they are my absolute favorite. anything my followers send in are my favorites. i keep them all in a folder and aslkdfjsalkdfj thank you so much

Anonymous said: did you see liam's instagram picture? it was him and danielle holding hands and the caption was "i'm her's and she's mine foreer. {big news coming up} :)" WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TIFF

lol how do you know that’s his real instagram

Anonymous said: Great advice and I will lecture him that we lose gallons of blood not true but how would they deal with that? HUH

deal with grasping the concept? thats his fault haha omg are guys still like that these days

Anonymous said: Omg Tiffany I'm telling u my embarrassing experience ok so I was shopping in CVS and I was getting tampons and a boy in my school Im friends with saw me getting them off the shelf and aaaaaagggghh

don’t be too embarrassed okay if he starts laughing and can’t understand how we bleed every month just throw the box at his face, grab a new one, and walk away

ziuhl said: you are the only person i will let liam marry ok


Anonymous said: is liam engaged?

yes to me

Anonymous said: i see you have sims (from twitter) what expansion packs do you have? (oh how i love sim <3 ) - TB

i’m such a sims junkie it’s ridiculous. i remember when we bought the first version and played it all day on the PC. we had vacation, unleashed, livin’ large, house party, superstar and making magic. my mom always told me to go out of the room when anything caught on fire since i thought the deaths were creepy in there LOL

but now i have 3, and since i’m on a budget right now, i only have the pets expansion pack so i’m lame

Anonymous said: ┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘


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