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Anonymous said: i dont know about the rest of u but i ship tiam -liam :)

dlkfjflkdsjf i ship tiam too you know


Anonymous said: Tiffy, is there something going on between you and Liam? All he does now is text you. I thought we had something babe, I miss you... -Hazz xxx

babe, did you forget he has Danielle? plus, Liam’s the one who introduced us to each other..right? he’s just..different.

Anonymous said: Maybe it was a different Tiffanys southern area? -Hazz

nope, nope it’s mine…she tags me in her posts, so..

Anonymous said: Awe Tofu, I likes you too :) -Nialler

hehe, love you man.

Anonymous said: Aweh, my little sweet corn kernel. You've always been my lady. -Harry x

harry, have you seen that page dedicated to my…lower region?

Anonymous said: ... Someone made a blog about my Tofu's vahoohoo?! D: -Nialler

my. thoughts. exactly.

Anonymous said: It's not true.. Is it? -Hazz

um….how about we go out for some Starbucks?

Anonymous said: Tiffy, people are saying my acting is bad... -Hazz


Anonymous said: TIFFY, DON'T TOUCH ME THERE! - Zayn

stop teasing me.

Anonymous said: Don't cry, tofu! Smile! We made it! Adele has the record for longest time as #1 album.. And we're taking up the top 2. Omigosh. -Niall

j-just watching you guys and

Anonymous said: TIFFY TIFFY TIFFY TIFFY TIFFY! Are you proud? :) -Niall x

Niall, I’m sorry; give me a moment.

Anonymous said: I.. Am not.. A whore. -Hazz

oh, don’t even get me started. I’m having second thoughts about you, styles.

Anonymous said: Ahem, if you guys are done here, I think my girl wanted a hug from ME? Isn't that right, Tiffy? :) --Zayn

errrr……the others all messaged me too and I don’t know who to choose ;-;

Anonymous said: -le snoring louder than a t-Rex- ~Hazz

goodness, Niall, hurry up. I already did the first coat..

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